American River College Highlights Green Auto Shop Courses

We’re excited to read in the student newspaper published at American River College an article highlighting the green auto shop courses being offered to students in 2014-2015.  After meeting their instructors over the summer for their Electric Auto Shop training, and interacting with them on Twitter, it’s no wonder that green technologies are that latest buzz on campus. The video above includes interviews with ARC instructors from the recent training.  Check out the article at The Current:


Student Electric Car with 310 Mile Range in Australia

Student Electric Car with Panasonic Batteries - Wired Magazine

Glenn Ong/UNSW Australia Sunswift

(WIRED) Tesla has a new competitor, and it’s not from BMW or General Motors. It’s from Australian university students, whose electric Sunswift eVe set a new world record for fastest average speed—more than 60mph—over 500 kilometers (310 miles) on a single battery charge, on July 23. That’s a big deal: Range is the biggest issue holding back the widespread adoption of EVs, and this record shows the car can drive hundreds of miles at a reasonable highway speed. It stomped on the old record, a mere 45 mph, and drove farther than even the Tesla Model S, the current king of EVs, can go on a full charge.

The eVe is a lovely-looking car whose battery pack can be charged from a regular wall outlet, or using the array of solar panels on its hood and roof. It’s the fifth vehicle made by the students, from the University of New South Wales; its predecessors date back to 1996 and include the IVy, which still holds the record for fastest drive by a solar-powered vehicle at 55 mph, set in 2011. Read More

7 Hyper Efficient Cars from 2014 Student Racing Season

Students and Teachers building alternative fuel carsIt’s student racing season!  Whether you are racing in the Shell EcoMarathon, Electrathon, National Science BowlCalifornia Energy Invitational, Formula Student, Formula Hybrid, Formula Electric, the Nürburgring Nordschleife or other alternatively fueled race, the winner is most definitely the planet!

Thousands of miles will be raced with thousands of gallons and decibels of noise pollution being reduced. Not to mention the thousands of students and millions of brain cells enhanced through the design of automobiles that use less gasoline. Hybrid, hydrogen, compressed natural gas, electric, bio-diesel, ethanol… they’re all here.  Enjoy our gallery of Student Racers below the fold! Read more of this post

Electric Auto Shop Welcomes Venture Academy

Electric Auto Shop is proud to be partnering with Venture Academy, which is part of the New Energy Academy in Stockton, California and sponsored by PG&E.  Here’s a quick video to show the students and teachers as they attended training this week in Sebastopol at Switch Vehicles.  We’ll follow this up in a few days with more details of the program.

PODCAST 118: Students Answer the EV Challenge with Steve Garrett

EV Challenge Participants, Students, Teachers, Teams with their electric cars on a track.

We’re delighted to invite on this episode Steve Garret, the Executive Director for an organization called EV Challenge.  Steve has been a high school teacher for 27 years at Topsail High School in Hampstead, North Carolina and recently took over as Executive Director for EV Challenge.  He teaches engineering courses at Cape Fear Community College. PODCASTListen Read more of this post

PODCAST: Electric Submarines and Crowdsource EV Projects with Michael Mack


Everyone has their dream car, so it was amusing to read this past week about Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk acquiring a famous car from the James Bond movie ‘The Spy Who Loved Me.’ In the film, the car in question, a Lotus Esprit, is being chased by the bad guys when 007 drives it off a pier, crashing into the water and pushing a button that transforms the car into a submarine. Reportedly, Musk found that the film used special effects and the car doesn’t actually transform, but he wants to make the car electric and able to go underwater anyway. Read more of this post

EV Assembly Lab Course Instructor Training July 22-26

Looking forward to the Electric Auto Shop EV Assembly Lab next week, July 22-26, onsite training for students and instructors.  The course is an intensive five day session at our northern California production facility.  The training is ideal pre-instruction for educators planning to use the Electric Auto Shop classroom curricula at their schools.

Chassislab Students work on electric vehicle batteryElectric Auto Shop provides training on how to build the electric vehicle. During this intensive five-day clinic, attendees gain hands-on experience by installing EV drive train components and building the Chassis Lab Switch. Participants will actually work on an electric and one of our pre-fabricated kits. During the five-day training attendees experience everything required to install all electronics in the car, program the various electronic components to function properly and test drive an EV.

Upon completion, attendees will program, test drive, alter the programming and re-test to see the effect of changes on the performance of the drive train. Completed projects can be shipped home from our facility (additional shipping charges will apply). Shop fee and additional materials fee required if you chose to have your vehicle completed through our training program.

Additional time is spent on review of the course materials; interfacing with Switch Vehicles and Electric Auto Shop; practicing the course exercises in preparation for teaching the proper methods and the use of our online documentation and user instruction manuals.

Electric Auto Shop