Should STEM become STEAM? via The Atlantic

Recently in a video The Atlantic asked a group of academics within some of America’s top universities to debate how STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) could benefit from another letter. “I have no hesitation in saying we need to add the letter A,” says Harvard University education professor Howard Gardner. “An education devoid of arts…is an empty, half-brain kind of education.” Other panelists include Sebastian Thrun, Drew Faust, Erika Christakis, and Nicholas Dirks. READ MORE


Grant Trains California Auto Shop Teachers in Electric Car Assembly

Electric Auto Shop Course Brings Alternative Fuels into the Classroom

Electric Auto Shop, Inc. ( received a grant from the Fresno County Office of Education to enable eleven automotive instructors from throughout California to attend specialized training in electric car assembly January 26-30 in Sebastopol, California.

Costs for the five-day course were covered under the California Industrial Technology Education Project (CITEP), which is a contract held by the Fresno Regional Occupational Program from the California Department of Education. The project is responsible for program development, support, and professional development activities related to industrial technology education sectors, including transportation, while gathering and promoting examples of best practices. Read more of this post

[VIDEO] Crowdfunding Teaches Kids about Government

Hey, teachers! Crowdfunding is becoming an alternative source of funding for educational projects, like building electric cars, but it can also teach kids about taking initiative and responsibility for their own education.  Check out the video below, a news story about how crowdfunding helps kids learn about government.  Contact us if you would like assistance in crowdfunding your next EV project.

Students learn about crowd funding

PG&E Grant for High School Electric Auto Shop

High School students from Stockton enjoyed a week of special electric car assembly training in Sebastopol this March as part of a grant program from PG&E to help young people find careers in green energy.

The overall idea of the pilot program is to provide a practical, hands-on project for high school students to stimulate their interest in math and science-based careers. The $20,000 grant from PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company) was used in the development of an advanced curriculum for green energy technologies along with an internship for previously graduated students. It includes an electric vehicle kit along with all the coursework and videos for a 16-week course in the classroom and auto shop. Read more of this post

Podcast 123: Educating for Careers Conference Wrap-Up

Chassis Lab from Electric Auto Shop on display at the Educating for Careers Conference in Sacramento.

Chassis Lab is designed to teach math and science by building an electric car in class.

Michael Mack, the founder of Electric Auto Shop, joined the podcast today to give us an update from the Educating for Careers Conference March 2-4 in Sacramento, California.  The annual conference is a three-day professional development event surrounding career technical education (CTE). PODCAST: Listen here

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PODCAST 121 What Millennials Want in a Car

Milleniels in Barron's cover story

Studies show Millenniels Prefer Bicycles and Smart Phones to Cars.

Thanks for tuning into our first Podcast of 2014.  Mike and Alex talk about the latest progress of Electric Auto Shop.  The recent introduction of a new Chassilab AC course for students brought up a short discussion on the difference between AC and DC motors for electric cars.  There is a video online that gives details about the new AC drive course curriculum. PODCAST 121: Listen Now

One theme that we kept coming back to was how Electric Auto Shop is inspiring students to learn about math and science by building more efficient cars.  This seems to run against a trend reported in the news that the auto industry is concerned that the rate of U.S. auto sales to 18-to-34-year-old buyers declined to 11 percent in April 2012, down from 17 percent for the same age group in April 2007, before the recession, according to Southfield, Michigan-based R.L. Polk & Co. The fear is that financially pressed young people who connect online instead of in person could hold down peak auto demand by 2 million units each year. Read more of this post

Crowdfund Our App – GPS Your Commute

GPS Your Commute - Commute energy calculator

GPS Your Commute! Now on

Ever wonder how much money, energy, time or fuel you would save driving an electric or hybrid car in place of conventional? Electric Auto Shop is launching a crowd funding project on Indiegogo to develop the software for easily measuring trips in your car.

map-readout-gpsA developer of high school and university coursework in engineering and mechanical vehicle assembly, Electric Auto Shop is developing the software as an easy way for students to test the efficiency of their vehicles. A software application for the iPhone or iPad would give the user a readout of the car’s OBD (On Board Diagnostics) and generate a GPS map and up-to-the-second data readouts of the vehicle’s speed, distance and fuel usage.

Successful completion of the project would give students and teachers the tools to easily GPS their Commute.  No longer would they have to spend the time and effort of measuring these trips by hand or on pencil and paper. Users will be able to interpret their current gasoline vehicle commute and see how that trip would look if it were taken in an alternate fuel vehicle (electric, hybrid, CNG).  Students can use this data to interpret how their trips would be affected by replacing their gas-fueled vehicle with electric, hybrid or CNG cars and trucks.

Electric Auto Shop has posted its plans for the new software on crowd funding website

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