Grant Trains California Auto Shop Teachers in Electric Car Assembly

Electric Auto Shop Course Brings Alternative Fuels into the Classroom

Electric Auto Shop, Inc. ( received a grant from the Fresno County Office of Education to enable eleven automotive instructors from throughout California to attend specialized training in electric car assembly January 26-30 in Sebastopol, California.

Costs for the five-day course were covered under the California Industrial Technology Education Project (CITEP), which is a contract held by the Fresno Regional Occupational Program from the California Department of Education. The project is responsible for program development, support, and professional development activities related to industrial technology education sectors, including transportation, while gathering and promoting examples of best practices. Read more of this post


EV Assembly Lab Course Instructor Training July 22-26

Looking forward to the Electric Auto Shop EV Assembly Lab next week, July 22-26, onsite training for students and instructors.  The course is an intensive five day session at our northern California production facility.  The training is ideal pre-instruction for educators planning to use the Electric Auto Shop classroom curricula at their schools.

Chassislab Students work on electric vehicle batteryElectric Auto Shop provides training on how to build the electric vehicle. During this intensive five-day clinic, attendees gain hands-on experience by installing EV drive train components and building the Chassis Lab Switch. Participants will actually work on an electric and one of our pre-fabricated kits. During the five-day training attendees experience everything required to install all electronics in the car, program the various electronic components to function properly and test drive an EV.

Upon completion, attendees will program, test drive, alter the programming and re-test to see the effect of changes on the performance of the drive train. Completed projects can be shipped home from our facility (additional shipping charges will apply). Shop fee and additional materials fee required if you chose to have your vehicle completed through our training program.

Additional time is spent on review of the course materials; interfacing with Switch Vehicles and Electric Auto Shop; practicing the course exercises in preparation for teaching the proper methods and the use of our online documentation and user instruction manuals.

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3D Printed Microbatteries Smaller than a Grain of Sand


The revolutionary technology behind 3D-printed car parts, food and guns can also be used to print batteries smaller than a grain of sand.

Scientists have developed a new 3D printer design using electrochemically active ink that builds lithium-ion microbatteries, paving the way for a new generation of miniaturized high-powered electronics, from flying robot insects to medical implants.

Researchers from Harvard and the University of Illinois constructed the batteries from interlaced stacks of electrodes thinner than a human hair. Read more