American River College Highlights Green Auto Shop Courses

We’re excited to read in the student newspaper published at American River College an article highlighting the green auto shop courses being offered to students in 2014-2015.  After meeting their instructors over the summer for their Electric Auto Shop training, and interacting with them on Twitter, it’s no wonder that green technologies are that latest buzz on campus. The video above includes interviews with ARC instructors from the recent training.  Check out the article at The Current:


American River College Attends Instructor Training [VIDEO]

Special thanks to the instructors from American River College.


PODCAST 122: Talking Shop with IIT Motorsports’ Charles Currier

Open Wheel Formula SEA Electric Race Car, the IIT Motorsports Thunder Hawk

IIT Motorsports

We’re grateful to be joined on the Podcast by Charles Currier from IIT Motorsports.  Charles is the outspoken driver and treasurer for the student team from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  He appeared on radio and TV in February with the IIT electric race car on display at the Chicago Auto Show. PODCAST: Listen Now Read more of this post

AutoBlog Green: Electric Go Kart Racing



(AutoBlog Green) You know what’s a lot – a lot – of fun? Racing. You know what’s really expensive? Also, racing. Fortunately, there’s cheaper way of getting into the sport of testing the limits of man-melded-to-machine than going out and building or buying a full-fledged race car. Yup, go-karts! You want to compete in Formula 1 when you grow up? This is where you start. (For an in-depth look at the sport, check out Autoblog‘s epic 7-part Introduction To Karting.)

Unfortunately, the shrunken wonders have long been kind of noisy and, perhaps, more than a little dirty. Think smokey two-stroke engines with minimal mufflerage. Now, however, that’s beginning to change, and one of those at the forefront of this shift is Rattlesnake Electric Sport. They’ve launched a line of electric go-karts that are competitive with modern gas-powered machines that can put you neck deep in wheel-to-wheel racing action. Continue Reading