American River College Attends Instructor Training [VIDEO]

Special thanks to the instructors from American River College.



[VIDEO] Crowdfunding Teaches Kids about Government

Hey, teachers! Crowdfunding is becoming an alternative source of funding for educational projects, like building electric cars, but it can also teach kids about taking initiative and responsibility for their own education.  Check out the video below, a news story about how crowdfunding helps kids learn about government.  Contact us if you would like assistance in crowdfunding your next EV project.

Students learn about crowd funding

[VIDEO] Electric battery car race highlights student achievement

Student electric car teams race battery powered model cars

Young engineers and inventors race battery powered electric cars to learn more math and science.

Amarillo, TX – Young inventors and engineers had a chance to show off their skills Saturday morning at the B&W Pantex Electric Battery Car Race.

Over a month ago, a number of teams were given a kit to assemble a model car that is only powered by electric batteries. Read more of this post

Watch Electric Car Being Built in 15 Seconds via Time Lapse

School district helps students who don’t fit in at traditional schools

An electric dune buggy made by high school students in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — Clark County school administrators know some kids don’t learn best in a classroom setting.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t graduate.

Desert Rose High School is very different from what you think of when you think of high school. This one gives kids practical job skills so they’re ready to work once they graduate.

For instance, I’m standing where students learn how to do electrical wiring, a useful job skill.

And we knew this place was different when we showed up and the kids showed off an electrical car they built here. Read More