Podcast 123: Educating for Careers Conference Wrap-Up

Chassis Lab from Electric Auto Shop on display at the Educating for Careers Conference in Sacramento.

Chassis Lab is designed to teach math and science by building an electric car in class.

Michael Mack, the founder of Electric Auto Shop, joined the podcast today to give us an update from the Educating for Careers Conference March 2-4 in Sacramento, California.  The annual conference is a three-day professional development event surrounding career technical education (CTE). PODCAST: Listen here

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John Graham: Too soon to pull plug on subsidies for electric cars

Orange County Register - John Graham: Too soon to pull plug on subsidies for electric carsBLOOMINGTON, Ind. – It would be very unwise to “pull the plug” on electric-car subsidies at this time. Without the subsidies, the auto industry would be forced by unavoidable regulation to sell electric vehicles at huge financial losses. One of the few bright spots in the current American economy, a thriving auto industry, would be thrown into turmoil.

That regulation presents a huge challenge to automakers: between now and 2025 the average fuel economy of a new car or light truck … Registration Required

California’s Electric Car Law Binge Promotes Market

(OilPrice.com) California passes six new laws to support electric and low-carbon car drivers and boost the electric vehicle market, making the state the definitive front-runner in this “clean” sector.

Six laws and a dozen other regulations have been passed recently, representing a more than $2 billion financial commitment to clean transportation—more than any other state to date.

The new laws and regulations address various issues, from extending existing sticker programs that allow vehicles meeting certain low-emission standards to guaranteeing access to carpool lanes to making it easier for drivers to use charging stations. Read More