PODCAST 121 What Millennials Want in a Car

Milleniels in Barron's cover story

Studies show Millenniels Prefer Bicycles and Smart Phones to Cars.

Thanks for tuning into our first Podcast of 2014.  Mike and Alex talk about the latest progress of Electric Auto Shop.  The recent introduction of a new Chassilab AC course for students brought up a short discussion on the difference between AC and DC motors for electric cars.  There is a video online that gives details about the new AC drive course curriculum. PODCAST 121: Listen Now

One theme that we kept coming back to was how Electric Auto Shop is inspiring students to learn about math and science by building more efficient cars.  This seems to run against a trend reported in the news that the auto industry is concerned that the rate of U.S. auto sales to 18-to-34-year-old buyers declined to 11 percent in April 2012, down from 17 percent for the same age group in April 2007, before the recession, according to Southfield, Michigan-based R.L. Polk & Co. The fear is that financially pressed young people who connect online instead of in person could hold down peak auto demand by 2 million units each year. Read more of this post


Study Shows Girls and Minorities Missing from Sciences

the balance is against women and sciences in the classroom

(New York Times) A big reason America is falling behind other countries in science and math is that we have effectively written off a huge chunk of our population as uninterested in those fields or incapable of succeeding in them.

Women make up nearly half the work force but have just 26 percent of science, technology, engineering or math jobs, according to the Census Bureau. Blacks make up 11 percent of the workforce but just 6 percent of such jobs and Hispanics make up nearly 15 percent of the work force but hold 7 percent of those positions. There is no question that women and minorities have made progress in science and math in the last several decades, but their gains have been slow and halting. And in the fast-growing field of computer science, women’s representation has actually declined in the last 20 years, while minorities have made relatively small gains. Read More

PODCAST 116: Are We There Yet?

More AFVs coming out on the market, and why students are more important than ever
We live in interesting times when several models of alternatively fueled vehicles are now on the open market, with more coming out.  As developers of alternative fuel vehicles, on this episode of the podcast Mike and Alex talk about why Electric Auto Shop is more relevant than ever. PodcastListen Here

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Electric vehicles will rule road within a decade

(BusinessReport) Keith Bryer’s opinion that “electric cars [are] not as clean as Greens like to think” (Business Report, October 8) is very conservative and boxed in. Ironically it is he who is patently and wilfully failing to think things through.

Thinkers of his ilk hold back innovation because of a failure to understand that we are at the threshold of a process and every step forward is going to bring us closer to the transport solution we need.

Electric cars for city travel do not have to be very heavy and as anyone who has eyes to penetrate morning and afternoon traffic will have detected, a majority of cars carry no passengers. Neither will an electric car for city travel have to be laden every day with half a year’s supply of groceries to weigh it down. For the city dweller seeking to get to work and back home in his or her own time, a light-framed electric car is the answer. Read More