Tustin T-Tech Wins 2014 California Energy Invitational

tustin-t-tech-2014-winners Congratulations to our friends at from Tustin High School’s T-Tech Engineering Program!  We learned via email they are celebrating a first place finish at the 2014 UC Irvine Energy Invitational in Riverside, CA this past weekend.

Tustin High School’s engineering program is a favorite of ours as they use our Racer8 electric go kart as their race vehicle.  We also had the team on our Podcast last year when they were the runners up for the 2013 Invitational. Read more of this post


Tustin High School Go-Kart Powered by Electric Auto Shop

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Tustin Places 2nd in UC Irvine Energy Invitational

In a grueling 3-day event, students from Tustin High School’s T-Tech Motorsports won 2nd place overall in UC Irvine’s Energy Invitational, part of the California Challenge at the Dept. of Energy’s Solar Decathlon & Expo.

After logging nearly 30 miles on the track over three days, T-Tech’s #33 electric vehicle was in the lead for most of the competition but was overtaken by UC Irvine’s CNG car on the last heat of the event.  THS ran a nearly flawless race and nearly took the whole thing. Read more of this post

Business Journal: Switch, Electric Auto Shop Team on Electric Car Instructor Training

Tustin High School and the Racer 8 Electric Go Kart from Electric Auto Shop

Tustin High School built an electric go kart with a course purchased from Electric Auto Shop.

SEBASTOPOL and FORESTVILLE – There are plenty of folks who believe the future of driving belongs to electric cars. There are others who are sure of it.

Electric Auto Shop is the brainchild of Michael Mack, a long-time electric car professional – he’s held positions at CPI International, US Electricar and Zap Power Systems.

“Electric cars are taking off, and there are plenty of designers, but where are the service and repair people? There will be a real need for technicians, and high school is the place to train them,” he said.

He devised courses converting a Chevy truck to an electric vehicle.  While showcasing his offerings at the Educating for Career Conference in Sacramento Mr. Mack met Switch Vehicle partner Peter Oliver. Read More

Ashington Pupils Ready to Race Electric Go-kart

Electric go kart from Ashington School

Pupils from an Ashington school have been working on an engineering challenge to build and race their own electric go-kart.

Stockfield-based IHC Engineering Business invited a group of 11 pupils and four teachers from Ashington Central First School to build the vehicle in preparation for a go-kart race organised by the Greenpower Education Trust, which aims to advance education and interest in sustainable engineering and technology. Read more of this post

A Car Rally with a Deeper Meaning

Electric go cart racer - Electric Auto Shop - EV News & Information

They’re not street legal, and there’s no room to carry a pizza, but these electric cars have great value to the young people who built them.

Thirteen teams—the largest showing ever—competed in the 10th annual Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas Electric Vehicle Rally, April 19.

About 200 people attended, including volunteers, sponsors, and, of course, the students who designed and built the go-cart-style cars. They range from middle school to community college. Some went home with a trophy; all left with a universal sense of accomplishment. Read more of this post