7 Hyper Efficient Cars from 2014 Student Racing Season

Students and Teachers building alternative fuel carsIt’s student racing season!  Whether you are racing in the Shell EcoMarathon, Electrathon, National Science BowlCalifornia Energy Invitational, Formula Student, Formula Hybrid, Formula Electric, the Nürburgring Nordschleife or other alternatively fueled race, the winner is most definitely the planet!

Thousands of miles will be raced with thousands of gallons and decibels of noise pollution being reduced. Not to mention the thousands of students and millions of brain cells enhanced through the design of automobiles that use less gasoline. Hybrid, hydrogen, compressed natural gas, electric, bio-diesel, ethanol… they’re all here.  Enjoy our gallery of Student Racers below the fold! Read more of this post


Crowdfund Our App – GPS Your Commute

GPS Your Commute - Commute energy calculator

GPS Your Commute! Now on Indiegogo.com

Ever wonder how much money, energy, time or fuel you would save driving an electric or hybrid car in place of conventional? Electric Auto Shop is launching a crowd funding project on Indiegogo to develop the software for easily measuring trips in your car.

map-readout-gpsA developer of high school and university coursework in engineering and mechanical vehicle assembly, Electric Auto Shop is developing the software as an easy way for students to test the efficiency of their vehicles. A software application for the iPhone or iPad would give the user a readout of the car’s OBD (On Board Diagnostics) and generate a GPS map and up-to-the-second data readouts of the vehicle’s speed, distance and fuel usage.

Successful completion of the project would give students and teachers the tools to easily GPS their Commute.  No longer would they have to spend the time and effort of measuring these trips by hand or on pencil and paper. Users will be able to interpret their current gasoline vehicle commute and see how that trip would look if it were taken in an alternate fuel vehicle (electric, hybrid, CNG).  Students can use this data to interpret how their trips would be affected by replacing their gas-fueled vehicle with electric, hybrid or CNG cars and trucks.

Electric Auto Shop has posted its plans for the new software on crowd funding website Indiegogo.com.

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PODCAST 116: Are We There Yet?

More AFVs coming out on the market, and why students are more important than ever
We live in interesting times when several models of alternatively fueled vehicles are now on the open market, with more coming out.  As developers of alternative fuel vehicles, on this episode of the podcast Mike and Alex talk about why Electric Auto Shop is more relevant than ever. PodcastListen Here

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PODCAST114: Awesome Auto Shops Going Alternative

Where is the alternative fuel vehicle market headed? Forward!  And many of the leaders for this transformation are teachers, students, parents and educators working to find ways of training students in advanced science and mathematics. PODCASTClick Here

On this episode Mike and Alex delve into the type of schools that are exploring green curricula and the use of electronic transportation to inspire students to higher education.  With all the different ways of working to expand the use of AFVs, we’re getting behind education as a way forward.  Often the job is matching educators up with the curriculum, many who never knew it existed, other times schools self-fund their projects. Read more of this post