Tustin T-Tech Wins 2014 California Energy Invitational

tustin-t-tech-2014-winners Congratulations to our friends at from Tustin High School’s T-Tech Engineering Program!  We learned via email they are celebrating a first place finish at the 2014 UC Irvine Energy Invitational in Riverside, CA this past weekend.

Tustin High School’s engineering program is a favorite of ours as they use our Racer8 electric go kart as their race vehicle.  We also had the team on our Podcast last year when they were the runners up for the 2013 Invitational.

Tustin T-Tech Wins 2014 California Energy InvitationalAccording to High School instructor Ed Hernandez, “Our T-Tech students worked long hours after school and on weekends over the course of 7 months to redesign and completely rebuild our electric racing go kart ‘little red’, which also won 2nd place in technical innovation at the OC STEM Expo in April.’

In an email, Hernandez added that the 300 lb kart is based on a racing CRG chassis powered by eight 12-volt lead acid cells pushing a 9 hp brushless motor using a Sevcon controller with a maximum speed of almost 40 mph.

The team raced at Adams Motorsports Park and was led by drivers Kristina Barrett and Sean McMillin. During the course of the race, our team overcame mechanical and electrical problems, braking issues, and even a punctured tire to pull way ahead of last year’s winner Pacifica High School. The T-Tech team is made up entirely of 11th graders this year, so they will all return next year to defend their title.

In addition to winning its class, Tustin High School also won the coveted “Robert Smith” award given to the team with the best Energy Management. Tustin scored 364 out of a possible 400 lap points while using $0.64 of the allotted $0.66 in energy costs. That is 64 cents for 28 miles of racing or about 2.3 cents per mile.



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2 Responses to Tustin T-Tech Wins 2014 California Energy Invitational

  1. Michael Mack says:

    Great job, Tustin T-Tech! We have worked with Ed Hernandez for the past few years and have not seen a more dedicated teacher. Clearly his devotion and work ethic is rubbing off on his students!

    • Alex Campbell says:

      I met some of these students and they have a lot of experience thanks to their teacher. Some of them have already been accepted into top engineering schools. Great job!

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