PODCAST 126: PG&E Puts New Energy in California High Schools

High School Class Writing Electric Cars into its Own Curriculum

After meeting the students and teachers of New Energy Academy at ChassisLab instructor training in Sebastopol, California, they were kind enough to use some of their classroom time to hold a Google Hangout and record a Podcast with us.

We had a chance to hang out with a classroom that is writing electric cars into its high school curriculum. New Energy Academy is part of Venture Academy, a school within a school concept being tested in California. The project was funded by PG&E with high schools in in Stockton, Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield and Berkeley and helps teach students green technologies like hydrogen fueled cars, wind farms and most recently electric cars. PODCAST: Click Here

ChassisLab will be the senior project for New Energy Academy, giving them a hands-on project to put math and science theory into practice. Using the textbooks and video instruction provided by Electric Auto Shop, students will begin assembling and driving and the completed electric car as a hands-on way of learning about electrical wiring, mechanics, safety and troubleshooting. The stylish, 3-wheeled electric car kit was designed in partnership with Switch Vehicles of Sebastopol, California.

The graduating seniors on our Hangout have the opportunity to return next year to help the younger class assemble the car. As part of their three-year commitment to studying a green curriculum, they receive financial aid and specialized training with the chance at paid internships this summer with PG&E.

Jeannine Huffman, a teacher at Venture Academy, says many other schools and programs are inquiring about this model of education. A recent article talks about how some families are moving closer so their children can attend. On the podcast she recounts a conversation with a fellow educator that hands-on projects like this should be taught all day in school.

I like the energy of these students and teachers who chose as a group to work with Electric Auto Shop.  Like many of our clients, they helped in applying for the grant and requesting our ChassisLab course after learning about it, so thank you for your support! To meet New Energy Academy, tune into the Podcast or watch the Google Hangout.


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