PODCAST 125: Watt’s Happening at Venture Academy and American River College

American River College looking at ChassisLab electric car kit from Electric Auto Shop

ChassisLab Switch EV at American River College

Electric Auto Shop founder Mike Mack joins the latest episode of the Podcast. It’s hard keeping up with Mike traveling up and down the State of California, meeting with prospective schools, attending education conferences and delivering ChassisLab and Racer8 kits. So we’re glad he could jump online and share the latest with us. PODCASTListen Here

Mike talked about a trip to Stockton and Sacramento this week. He was a guest of Venture Academy as they presented their program to some administrators from the State of Colorado and showed the Switch EV. Mike said it was a powerful statement having the students and teachers enthusiastically endorsing the Chassislab New Energy Curriculum.

The students and teachers came to Sebastopol for training recently through a grant from PG&E to incorporate ChassisLab into their New Energy program. Instructors from Electric Auto Shop helped train the so they will be able to help teach returning students next year through an internship program being developed by the school. See a video from that day.

Electric Auto Shop also delivered a Switch EV with an advanced ChassisLab course on AC Drive and Lithium batteries to American River College. American River College has an extensive Automotive Technology and alternative fuel vehicle program, working on vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and now a ChassisLab course with a Switch electric car and Racer8 go kart. He said the advanced course is a good extension to the DC Chassislab with Lead-Acid batteries, so students and learn about things like advanced power management and regenerative braking.

ChassisLab from Electric Auto Shop shown at Venture Academy

ChassisLab Switch EV shown at Venture Academy in April


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