PODCAST124: Powered by Twitter and Grit, MINDDRIVE CEO Reveals California EV Tour

Minddrive-carmen-ghia-student-evElectric Auto Shop is excited to have Steve Rees on the Podcast. Steve is the leader and Mentor-in-Chief from the world famous high school team MINDDRIVE of Kansas City, Missouri.

MINDDRIVE took the world by storm last year when the student team devised a way to power their electric Volkswagen Karmann Ghia from Kansas City to Washington DC on tweets. Steve talks about how the social media stunt grabbed worldwide headlines and gathered 49 Million Tweets. The team appeared on CNN and even Sir Richard Branson blogged about the student team. PODCASTListen Here

I sent out several tweets myself to support the team along with an invitation to have someone from MINDDRIVE on the Podcast and I’m delighted to finally be able to connect with them.


Steve Rees has a background in the environmental movement. After a career in architecture, Steve turned to his passion for education. Read more about his background HERE. During the podcast he shared several insights into teaching. He talked about how MINDDRIVE was started, the type of students it serves and how it involves mentors from various backgrounds. He said the natural evolution is to create more MINDDRIVEs, mentioning a new program in Australia. He says MINDDRIVE doesn’t just have to be about cars; it can include things like urban gardening or electric bicycles.

Steve concluded by sharing an upcoming California Tour in June 2014 from Humboldt State down the coast to Silicon Valley, while stopping at various places like Stanford University and Tesla Motors. While last year’s tour was about Social Fuel, this year they plan to launch an innovative program called “Raise Your Hand” designed to attract more mentors.

We invite MINDDRIVE to come visit us during their trip through Sonoma County and wish them well in their future endeavors. Thanks, Steve!


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