PODCAST 122: Talking Shop with IIT Motorsports’ Charles Currier

Open Wheel Formula SEA Electric Race Car, the IIT Motorsports Thunder Hawk

IIT Motorsports

We’re grateful to be joined on the Podcast by Charles Currier from IIT Motorsports.  Charles is the outspoken driver and treasurer for the student team from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  He appeared on radio and TV in February with the IIT electric race car on display at the Chicago Auto Show. PODCAST: Listen Now

Charles talks about building an all-new electric race car to enter into two competitions coming up this school year as part of the Formula SAE competition. The first will be Formula Hybrid April 18 at the New Hampshire International Speedway.  The second is Formula SAE Electric June 18 at Lincoln Airpark in Nebraska.

Charles said the Thunder Hawk is amazingly light and powerful, weighing under 600 pounds and able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds.  The team is also testing new lightweight carbon fiber body materials and got a big boost from the media exposure at the auto show by meeting a new supplier.  Learn more about IIT Motorsports at its website: http://fsae.iit.edu/


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