PODCAST 121 What Millennials Want in a Car

Milleniels in Barron's cover story

Studies show Millenniels Prefer Bicycles and Smart Phones to Cars.

Thanks for tuning into our first Podcast of 2014.  Mike and Alex talk about the latest progress of Electric Auto Shop.  The recent introduction of a new Chassilab AC course for students brought up a short discussion on the difference between AC and DC motors for electric cars.  There is a video online that gives details about the new AC drive course curriculum. PODCAST 121: Listen Now

One theme that we kept coming back to was how Electric Auto Shop is inspiring students to learn about math and science by building more efficient cars.  This seems to run against a trend reported in the news that the auto industry is concerned that the rate of U.S. auto sales to 18-to-34-year-old buyers declined to 11 percent in April 2012, down from 17 percent for the same age group in April 2007, before the recession, according to Southfield, Michigan-based R.L. Polk & Co. The fear is that financially pressed young people who connect online instead of in person could hold down peak auto demand by 2 million units each year.

Obviously green technologies and alternative fuels are a way of continuing to engage young people with car culture.  Electric, hybrid and other alternative fueled vehicles are inspiring important competitions around the world that fuel the dreams of students.  For example, this week there are student vehicle competitions in the Philippines and in Abu Dhabi.

Electric Auto Shop is continuing to do what it can to reach more students.  Recently they brought the Switch EV to San Marin High School.  We invite schools to contact us about using electric cars and other vehicles to inspire their students.

Finally, congratulations to Mike, the founder of Electric Auto Shop, who has been invited to give a presentation at the Educating for Careers Conference March 2-4 in Sacramento.  Come see us!

PODCAST 121: Listen Now


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