119: Switch On North Bay Public Media

North Bay Public Media KRCB Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Windsor, Healdsburg, Sonoma, Petaluma, CloverdaleKRCB Radio interviewed Peter Oliver and Jim McGreen, designers for the Switch electric car.  “Switch” is the vehicle used in the hands-on laboratory portion of Electric Auto Shop called Chassis Lab.  It can be assembled, then reassembled, multiple times as different classes take the Electric Auto Shop assembly course each semester. Electric Auto Shop’s  Curriculum includes all the parts, textbooks and instructional videos on how it goes together.

Reporter Bruce Robinson from North Bay Public Media delved into the Switch’s three wheels, tubular steel structure, and electric drive system. The Chassis Lab electric car course has caught on for use in education with engineering and mechanic training programs. PODCASTListen Now Read more of this post


Crowdfund Our App – GPS Your Commute

GPS Your Commute - Commute energy calculator

GPS Your Commute! Now on Indiegogo.com

Ever wonder how much money, energy, time or fuel you would save driving an electric or hybrid car in place of conventional? Electric Auto Shop is launching a crowd funding project on Indiegogo to develop the software for easily measuring trips in your car.

map-readout-gpsA developer of high school and university coursework in engineering and mechanical vehicle assembly, Electric Auto Shop is developing the software as an easy way for students to test the efficiency of their vehicles. A software application for the iPhone or iPad would give the user a readout of the car’s OBD (On Board Diagnostics) and generate a GPS map and up-to-the-second data readouts of the vehicle’s speed, distance and fuel usage.

Successful completion of the project would give students and teachers the tools to easily GPS their Commute.  No longer would they have to spend the time and effort of measuring these trips by hand or on pencil and paper. Users will be able to interpret their current gasoline vehicle commute and see how that trip would look if it were taken in an alternate fuel vehicle (electric, hybrid, CNG).  Students can use this data to interpret how their trips would be affected by replacing their gas-fueled vehicle with electric, hybrid or CNG cars and trucks.

Electric Auto Shop has posted its plans for the new software on crowd funding website Indiegogo.com.

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Study Shows Girls and Minorities Missing from Sciences

the balance is against women and sciences in the classroom

(New York Times) A big reason America is falling behind other countries in science and math is that we have effectively written off a huge chunk of our population as uninterested in those fields or incapable of succeeding in them.

Women make up nearly half the work force but have just 26 percent of science, technology, engineering or math jobs, according to the Census Bureau. Blacks make up 11 percent of the workforce but just 6 percent of such jobs and Hispanics make up nearly 15 percent of the work force but hold 7 percent of those positions. There is no question that women and minorities have made progress in science and math in the last several decades, but their gains have been slow and halting. And in the fast-growing field of computer science, women’s representation has actually declined in the last 20 years, while minorities have made relatively small gains. Read More

School district helps students who don’t fit in at traditional schools

An electric dune buggy made by high school students in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — Clark County school administrators know some kids don’t learn best in a classroom setting.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t graduate.

Desert Rose High School is very different from what you think of when you think of high school. This one gives kids practical job skills so they’re ready to work once they graduate.

For instance, I’m standing where students learn how to do electrical wiring, a useful job skill.

And we knew this place was different when we showed up and the kids showed off an electrical car they built here. Read More

PODCAST 118: Students Answer the EV Challenge with Steve Garrett

EV Challenge Participants, Students, Teachers, Teams with their electric cars on a track.

We’re delighted to invite on this episode Steve Garret, the Executive Director for an organization called EV Challenge.  Steve has been a high school teacher for 27 years at Topsail High School in Hampstead, North Carolina and recently took over as Executive Director for EV Challenge.  He teaches engineering courses at Cape Fear Community College. PODCASTListen Read more of this post