PODCAST 117: San Francisco Auto Show Preview

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  This is the auto show show of sorts because we are excited that the Chassis Lab Switch electric car kit has been invited for an educational display as part of the 56th Annual San Francisco International Auto Show. The show runs November 28 through December 2nd as San Francisco’s Moscone Center. PODCASTLISTEN

So many times at auto shows the different automakers won’t let you look under the hood or open any of the black boxes to help the public learn how it works.  Not Electric Auto Shop!

On this episode we talk about how our display was specially designed to help auto show attendees learn how an EV works.  The components, wiring and features are clearly labeled and the exposed design allows attendees to see through and inside the vehicle.  Electric Auto Shop staff even produced an informative video to watch as part of the presentation.

We also talk about auto shows in general.  The San Francisco International Auto Show has been a staging ground for a lot of alternative fuel vehicles over the past several years.  It’s part of a circuit of shows that run through nearly every major metropolitan area in the world, doing a very good job of tempting people with the newest cars on the market.

Pacific Gas & Electric will be hosting an alternative fuel vehicle display of future mobility trends called The Future Drive Expo. The expo connects consumers with exciting new transportation technology innovations on the horizon, including self-driving cars, electric vehicles, bio-fuels, mobile and city-based transportation technology, and the infrastructure that supports these emerging technologies.

We also talk about some recent headlines, including an article from Reuters about how China is turning into a battleground between electric and hydrogen vehicle technologies.  We also talk about how there is a lot of recent news headlines calling for action to introduce more alternative fuel vehicles.  Tesla was in the news again about the US government probing its car fires.  Lastly, we send out a congratulations to the Muskegon Community College for breaking the 192-volt speed record with its “Short Circuit” dragster.

For more about the 56th Annual San Francisco International Auto Show, read more at the San Francisco Chronicle.


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