PODCAST 116: Are We There Yet?

More AFVs coming out on the market, and why students are more important than ever
We live in interesting times when several models of alternatively fueled vehicles are now on the open market, with more coming out.  As developers of alternative fuel vehicles, on this episode of the podcast Mike and Alex talk about why Electric Auto Shop is more relevant than ever. PodcastListen Here

There are now several models of AFVs available on the market and we cover an article on CleanTechnica that has a good listing of many of these vehicles.  We also looked at news from International Business Times talking about how there are 8,000 pre-orders for the new BMW electric car.  Recent statistics on an infographic and news piece from the Union of Concerned Scientists back up the claims that sales for alt fuel vehicles are rising, with “potential for much more.”  Stay tuned to the end where Mike and Alex pick their favorites.

With all these new cars coming out and many more predicted for the future, student programs to train autoworkers of the future would be in more demand than ever.  At Electric Auto Shop we applaud the efforts to these manufacturers and make it our job to educate their future workers. Green technologies have a big future along with conservation and fuel efficiency, so working on AFVs prepares students for these new opportunities. And, nothing gets high school and college kids more excited about math and science than working on cars.

Infographic - Are we there yet?  Union of Conerned Scientists Infographic charts sales growth


About Alex Campbell
“Alex” is a creative writer, editor, blogger, and digital marketing professional seeking freelance opportunities in marketing, communications, social media, public relations, investor relations, government relations, sales and service. Offers over 20 years experience elevating brands, sharing stories and driving sales for interesting, innovative and disruptive products, services and new technologies.

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