Electric vehicles will rule road within a decade

(BusinessReport) Keith Bryer’s opinion that “electric cars [are] not as clean as Greens like to think” (Business Report, October 8) is very conservative and boxed in. Ironically it is he who is patently and wilfully failing to think things through.

Thinkers of his ilk hold back innovation because of a failure to understand that we are at the threshold of a process and every step forward is going to bring us closer to the transport solution we need.

Electric cars for city travel do not have to be very heavy and as anyone who has eyes to penetrate morning and afternoon traffic will have detected, a majority of cars carry no passengers. Neither will an electric car for city travel have to be laden every day with half a year’s supply of groceries to weigh it down. For the city dweller seeking to get to work and back home in his or her own time, a light-framed electric car is the answer. Read More


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