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Skateboard with Electric Boost Redefines Urban Transportation

Imagine an electric vehicle that can get you to work — or anywhere in a six-mile radius — quickly, without traffic frustrations or gasoline. Now imagine you can pick it up and carry it with you. Yes, this souped-up skateboard could change the face of morning commutes.

“This uses 20 times less energy for every mile or kilometer you travel than a car,” said Sanjay Dastoor. “Which means, not only is this thing fast to charge and really cheap to build, but it also reduces your footprint of your energy use in terms of your transportation.” Read more of this post

Electrified, Student-Built Karmann Ghia Runs on Tweets

Minddrive - Electrified, Student-Built Karmann Ghia Runs on Tweets

A group of Kansas City high school students and their mentors have electrified a Karmann Ghia, modifying it so that it will only run when it gets mentioned in social media. If that sounds like a publicity stunt, that’s because it is. And it’s for a good cause.

Minddrive has taken kids who have fallen through the cracks and developed an after-school program that matches them with mentors and gets them excited about learning through hands-on automotive work. Each year, the students’ final project is a road trip in the car they built.

“We want them to say, when it’s all over, ‘I can’t believe we did something like this,’” said Steve Rees, the program’s director. “It gives them the sense of being able to go back to school and do anything.”

This year, the team put an electric drivetrain in a 1967 Karmann Ghia. Next week, they’re driving it from Kansas City to Washington, D.C. for a chance to meet elected officials and raise awareness about education. To make sure their voices are heard, they’ve attached an Arduino to the electric drivetrain and programmed it to let the car move forward only when there’s social media buzz about the project. Minddrive calls it “social fuel,” and it provides an important lesson for students: If you want people to care about what you’re doing, you have to make sure they know about it.


Don’t Miss DIY EVs at Maker Faire 2013

Switch EV at Maker Faire 2013

Switch EV


Maker Faire 2013

The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth will be held on May 18 and 19 at the San Mateo County Event Center.  Faire goers will come to explore, engage, learn, and get their make on with over 900 makers, 12 stages with over 300 presentations, and much more.  Don’t miss on the scheduled EV activities this year.

Switch EV

The Switch EV, a 3-wheeled electric car that you can assemble yourself, will be on display in the the West Lot Car Row Booth WL24.  Peter Oliver from Switch will be attending education day on Friday, May 17 to give students and teachers a sneak peek of Maker Faire. As Maker Faire is being set up, students will have an opportunity to engage with individual Makers, take part in collaborative, hands-on projects and activities, and watch live performances and demos. Read more of this post

A Car Rally with a Deeper Meaning

Electric go cart racer - Electric Auto Shop - EV News & Information

They’re not street legal, and there’s no room to carry a pizza, but these electric cars have great value to the young people who built them.

Thirteen teams—the largest showing ever—competed in the 10th annual Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas Electric Vehicle Rally, April 19.

About 200 people attended, including volunteers, sponsors, and, of course, the students who designed and built the go-cart-style cars. They range from middle school to community college. Some went home with a trophy; all left with a universal sense of accomplishment. Read more of this post

Gas Station to Charging Station

Gas Station to Charging Station

From the ashes of an old gas station flies the phoenix of electric charging for all.

If you excuse the confused metaphor, that’s essentially the idea behind an electric car charging plaza proposal in Encinitas, California.

San Diego-based Evoasis wants to build the new plaza on the corner of Vulcan Avenue and E Street, and plans moved a step forward last week when the City Council agreed to consider leasing the property to Evoasis.

As The Coast News reports, the charging plaza could accommodate 15 cars at one time, and the stations would also feature a fast-charge facility for compatible vehicles. ===> Continue Reading

3-Wheeled, 84 MPG Elio Moves A Step Closer To Reality

3 Wheeler Elio Motors

Elio Motors 3-Wheeler

Remember Elio Motors?

If you’re one of their 17,000 or so Facebook fans it’ll be hard to forget, as the company’s little green three-wheeled vehicle will be a regular fixture on your timeline.

As The Detroit News reports, Elio has just released a new prototype of the tiny gasoline-powered vehicle, set to be built at an ex-GM facility in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Alongside the prototype, Elio also announced the names of several suppliers on-board the project, including Altair Engineering, IAV, NEWTECH 3, Comau and more–many of which already serve dozens of other huge automakers. ===> Continue Reading